Stella Moda


Our success is due to our ability to create original lines but of great fashionable ideas, using a vast assortment of particular materials.

The summer collection is characterized by bright and sharp colours, and warm tones of bed dyed colours, light and fresh clothes like linen and ‘jeans’.

Our creations are very much appreciated in Italy, but above all abroad, thanks to the care we take at each phase of our garments preparation, from the first idea of how our garment should look to the choice of materials, up to the finish of our product, each small detail is taken into consideration.

Our garments are made by craftsmen using exclusively natural fibres such as linen, cotton, and viscose.

To the clients who don’t know yet our work, we secure you that small quantities may be ordered so you can control the quality and accurate work of our products.

What you see in our window display is just a small part of our collection. You are also able to by the characteristic sandal of Positano to link whit beach wear. You can also order or contact us on line, we will come to your sales rooms to show you our range of products, without any problems if you decide to by nothing from us.